Grave Matters brings helpful green alternatives to modern burial

Grave Matters offers tasteful green alternatives to traditional burials

Two things in life are certain – death and taxes.

Death’s a subject rarely discussed unless one is forced to. Whatever the reason, death and burials are mired with grief, strained coping abilities and a myriad of details to deal with.

With a mind-numbing cost upwards of $10,000. traditional funerals and burials are generally left to funeral homes to manage. But this fairly new impersonal tradition is changing.

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UK releases new anti-greenwashing guide

New UK report to help businesses avoid greenwashing

The UK, which this author personally believes is leaps ahead of the US in its implementation of green practices, has taken another step forward by releasing the Green Claims Guidance. This report – an update of guidelines released in 2003, is a toolkit to help companies avoid greenwashing.

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