EcoScraps – real organic garden products

EcoScraps garden products are made from fruit and veggie waste

EcoScraps garden products are made from fruit and veggie waste

Very likely you haven’t thought about feeding your trees since it’s the middle of winter. But now’s the time to start thinking about it.

February is a good time to fertilize your trees, said Pam Eagelston of Gold Leaf Nursery.

“Feeding the soil is as important as fertilizing the tree,” she said. “It feeds the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, improves the texture of the soil and helps dissolve the nutrients to a form that the roots can absorb.”

If you don’t want to use chemicals this year, there’s an effective organic option.

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BluApple – the easy way to keep produce fresh longer

BluApple is a simple way to keep fresh produce longer. You can put it in a fruit bowl on the counter or in the fridge

In our throwaway society, everything is fair game. The Organic Consumers Association reports that Americans toss out on average $600 worth of food each year. That’s over 100 billion pounds of fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and grain products wasted, primarily due to spoilage.

A simple blue ball called BluApple can cut that figure down dramatically.

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New Jersey to lead the way banning lawn care chemicals

New Jersey may ban lawn fertilizers


One doesn’t generally think of New Jersey as an environmental leader, but that could be about to change. A bill making its way through the New Jersey legislature that if passed would severely limits how residents apply fertilizer would ban many lawn care products on the shelf today. 

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