The Green Refrigerator Machine keeps food fresh longer

We toss out around $500 worth of food gone bad each year

No one likes wasting money, especially when it comes to food. Yet a family of four tosses out around 180 pounds of meat and produce each year due to mold or decay. That’s over $500 wasted annually!

There’s a simple solution.

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Organic Coffee with a twist

coffeeWe’re a country of coffee drinkers. And organic, Fair Trade coffee is, well, like adding good cream to an already good cup o’ joe.

But there are things that while sounding healthy may not actually be healthy. Check out the latest Green Gadget Spotlight and you’ll see what I mean.

From e-waste to street signs

e-wasteAn important study released on February 22nd by the United Nations reports that the growing amount of e-waste could increase by as much as 500% over the coming decade!

Image Microsystems is facing this challenge head-on.

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Coming soon – connect your gadgets thru home Wi-Fi

Wireless communicationBy mid-2010, consumers will be able to connect their home electronic “gadgets” via Wi-Fi without a wireless network.

An industry group called the Wi-Fi Alliance has just completed a set of technical “rules” called Wi-Fi Direct to guide consumer electronics companies planning to add this new capability. Now cell phones, cameras and computers will be able to “talk” to each other directly.

Only one gadget will need to have the new Wi-Fi technology to make two-way connections. This technology overlaps with that of Bluetooth, whose wireless technology already has gadget-to-gadget connection capability allowing consumers to send videos and other bandwidth-hogging files around the house.

Things could be getting a little simpler. Add this to the news earlier this year that the major electronics firms have agreed to make standardized charger adapters in the near future and it sure seems like we’ll have a few less headaches in this department next year.