New York’s biggest ecological blunder

Adam Purple above his now demolished Garden of Eden on NYC's Lower East Side, photo by Harry Wang

Adam Purple above his now demolished Garden of Eden on NYC’s Lower East Side, photo by Harry Wang

Community gardens have been a growing movement for decades. Even in the urban jungle of New York City, urban gardens have sprung up in the midst of the concrete jungle and have been providing fresh produce in areas where it had been almost impossible to find it.

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The Garden of Eden may be restored in Iraq

The biblical site of the Garden of Eden is being steadily restored despite buried landmines and surrounding dangers

If you’ve ever wondered if one person can make a difference, this story from today’s Mother Nature Network should set that question to rest.

An Iraqi citizen has been working to restore what some have thought to be the site of the original Garden of Eden.

An area is southern Iraq that had once flourished with marshland and wildlife had been deliberately destroyed by Saddam Hussein . The people of that area – the Maʻdān – had backed a Shiite rebellion against the Iraqi leader, who retaliated by murdering, burning homes and draining and poisoning the water. He also filled the surrounding land with mines.

One man had a dream of restoring this biblical oasis and set about to do so.

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