Legos with a purpose. They’ve moved beyond the playground

This Braille printer was built using Legos

This Braille printer was built using Legos

Legos aren’t just for playing with. They are being used in a surprising variety of ways, for some pretty amazing things.

I recently came across two that definitely have the “wow” factor.

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New map shows growing zones – an easy read

Planting a fall gardenGardeners and growers know that being intimately familiar with your growing zone is a make it or break it deal. One mis-step and it can be goodbye garden.

Just in time for Fall planting, the USDA has published an easy to understand  Plant Hardiness Zone Map that takes the guesswork out of planting for even the novice planter. The map is now available as an interactive GIS-based map for the first time. You’ll need a good broadband connection to use it, but the rest is simple. Just input your zip code and discover the hardiness of your growing area.

And happy winter growing!

Urban Gardening for Dummies – a great resource to grow a green(er) thumb

9781118340356 cover.inddWith escalating food prices and growing concerns about food safety, more consumers are turning to gardening. Whether living in an apartment in a large city or a suburban home, gardening and sustainable living are becoming popular.

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Urban farming meets fresh fish

More urban gardeners are incorporating aquaponics for more sustainability

From small backyard gardens to larger community spaces and rooftop ventures, urbanites are rediscovering the value and freshness of home-grown food.

Aquaponics is a new trend that’s making headway that promises to enhance the quality of urban gardening while adding an unusual supply of sustainable protein.

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Gardening the indoor Windowfarm way

Windowfarms turns any window frame into an indoor farm

As a long time organic gardener, I’m always interested to learn about new and better ways to grow fresh herbs and veggies in small spaces. Having first started my gardening passion while an apartment dweller, I’ve watched the news on vertical farming with great interest.

A new system called Windowfarms Vertical Food Garden lets you create an indoor farm in your window.

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