The real evidence of the harm of GMO food

Finally, there is scientific, understandable evidence of the negative effects of genetically modified (GMO) food crops. Scientists, farmers and informed consumers are speaking up in Jeffrey Smith’s new documentary Genetic Roulette. Smith is the founder of Seventh Generation, the well-respected laundry product company.

See this eye-opening film. Learn how scientists of the FDA itself deemed GMO’s as dangerous – and were ignored. Find out how farmers have lost countless animals due directly to GMO feed.

Become an educated consumer. It’s a step forward towards real and lasting health.

The case against genetically-engineered food crops grows stronger

While agricultural biotechnology corporations such as Monsanto continue to tout the benefits of genetically engineered food crops, scientific evidence is finally and perhaps irrefutably coming to light as to the harm it presents.

A report released last month – GMO Myths and Truths – offers a peer-reviewed body of scientific and other authoritative evidence of the hazards to health and the environment posed by genetically modified crops and organisms. The report came from two respected genetic engineers who strongly caution against the use of GM food and crops.

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GoPicnic – for healthy meals on-the-go

How often have you been hungry and in a hurry but the only food available was fast food? Whether it’s scurrying through the airport to catch a flight or stuck in the middle of a work project, it can be tough to eat healthy.

Now there are affordable, nutritious and delicious choices.

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Indie Lee – real natural beauty products

indie Lee uses natural ingredients you can count on in her beauty products

As consumers get more savvy about what’s in their food, what’s in our personal care and beauty products often gets by us. Yet many major manufacturers continue to use ingredients considered to be toxic.

Chemicals like Propylene Glycol (PG), Polyethylene glycol (PEG) and Sodium Lauryl (or Laureth) Sulfate are also found in brake fluid, antifreeze and paint, and in engine degreasers. They have been found to cause all sorts of health issues including kidney damage, rashes, even linked to hair falling out.

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That “natural” cereal comes with unwelcome extras

Kashi cereals, like many major brands, have switched from organic to GMO ingredients

Business is business and corporations are in it for the big bucks. Creating healthy food products is a popular idea but weighed against high profits and cost margins, consumer seem to be on the short end of the stick.

Such is the case with a large number of our favorite breakfast cereals – and that includes those old faithfuls that many of us have counted on to be organic for years.

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Organic Valley’s “Who’s your Farmer” Tour comes to northern California

Organic Valley’s Generation Organic “Who’s Your Farmer” event took place in my hometown in northern California as part of their West Coast bus tour.

The tour was an opportunity for people to learn how their personal choices about food affect their health, the planet and their future.

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Organic farmers, asociations & seed sellers sue Monsanto

Farmers can find their crops contaminated by Monsanto's transgenic seeds

I’ve posted a few stories about Monsanto and its stronghold tactics in regards to genetically engineered – or transgenic – seeds. There has been much media attention on how the corporate giant has gone after small farmers who inadvertently found themselves growing the contaminated seeds mixed in their otherwise traditional or organic fields.


Now a broad coalition of organic farmers, associations, seed businesses and traditional farmers – who represent over 270,000 individuals from across the US and Canada – have filed a lawsuit against Monsanto to protect themselves from being accused of infringing the chemical company’s 52 patents.

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Speak up about Genetically Modified (GMO) Food

The United States is the top producer of genetically-modifed food crops in the world

The United States is behind the rest of much of the world.

Not in everything, to be sure, but in enough of the things that matter – green innovation and environmental regulations to name a few. There is one other critical category where  we’re behind the curve – food labeling for genetically-modified (GMO) food products.

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Judge orders Monsanto GMO plants to be destroyed

GMO sugar beets make up over 57 percent of our nation's sugar crop

Although U.S.  District Court Judge Jeffrey White ruled last August that the planting and sales of Monsanto’s genetically- modified sugar beets was banned, the US Department of Agriculture still issued permits that allowed companies to plant seedlings to produce seed for future GMO sugar beet crops.

 On November 30th, Judge White – who has ruled on other related Monsanto issues – said those seedlings “shall be removed from the ground.”

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Consumers unconvinced of safety of genetically modified fish

A genetically engineered salmon behind a non-transgenic Atlantic salmon sibling of the same age Courtesy of AquaBounty Technologies

According to a recent survey, Americans aren’t convinced that genetically modified fish is a safe bet.

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