Disappearing Glaciers – their impact effects us all

Melting World bookMost Americans have never visited Glacier National Park, which straddles northern Montana and southern Canada. Yet these beautiful ice-rock formations provide more than sixty five percent of the world’s fresh water – for drinking, irrigation, and for hydroelectric power.

The glaciers at Glacier National Park are disappearing faster than anywhere else in the world, says Christopher White, author of the new book “THE MELTING WORLD: A Journey Across America’s Vanishing Glaciers.

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Graphic Examples of Climate Change

This video illustrates the stunning changes that have been taking place around the planet – with glaciers, summer sea ice and ocean temperatures. The pictures are taken from NASA, satellites and other reliable data.

It’s tough to refute or deny the startling and rapid earth changes and projections based on the information you ‘ll see here.

The question is, are our political leaders awake to this yet?  And, as the answer sadly is a resounding “no”, what will it take?

A stunning look at the demise of the world’s glaciers

The receding glacier at Portage Lake photo b Cool Breeze pics, flickr

Here are some stunning photographs taken by a world class photographer of the steady retreat of our glaciers. Pictures tell the tale, even if climate change deniers try to soft pedal the story.

It’s hard to argue with the time-lapse pictures  you’ll see. It’s tine for the old saying of “out of sight, out of mind” to be replaced.