New partnership aims to reverse deforestation and global warming

One of California's giant coastal redwoods that's been cloned to save its genetic diversity, photo by Debra Atlas

One of California’s giant coastal redwoods that’s been cloned to save its genetic diversity, photo by Debra Atlas

On May 28th, two powerful entities came together to take on two serious climate-related issues and make a positive impact on our children’s future.

Planetary Emissions Management, Inc. and non-profit Archangel Ancient Tree Archive announced a partnership that will integrate innovative forest carbon measurement with environmental financial products along with the genetics of the largest trees on the planet.

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Combating Climate Change – a new look with Al Gore and Jeff Skoll

Al Gore at Google Hangout 2013

Former Vice President Al Gore at the Google Hangout 

A fascinating online meeting billed as Combating Climate Change took place Tuesday June 11th. Sponsored by The Climate Reality Project (the non-profit founded by former Vice President Al Gore), it featured Gore and Jeff Skoll, the Executive Producer of the film An Inconvenient Truth. In 2006, this eye-opening film launched a worldwide conversation, some would say controversy, regarding the effects of climate change. Now, on  the film’s seventh anniversary, these two came together, with moderator Dr. Kiki Sanford to give an update on what was discussed in the film.

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Help counteract deoforestation

The following is a guest post from David Milarch

Milarch visited the Lost Forest of old growth sequoias shown here

Milarch visited the Lost Forest of old growth sequoias shown here

Our old growth forests are under tremendous stress/ When the oldest and most iconic of these trees are replanted around the globe in living archival libraries, their genetics can be saved for future study. Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a non-profit organization that collects cuttings from ancient, iconic, and environmentally critical trees, propagates these cuttings, and replants identical copies of these trees to help reforest the Earth.

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We need heroes for the environment. Meet 3 of them

The world needs heroes now more than ever. The new film ELEMENTAL shows the story of three inspiring eco-warriors who are taking on huge issues and facing equally as large obstacles to their success.

Carbon Footprint shrinks, Trees grow with Green Air Project

Our carbon footprint is definitely cause for concern, especially given the news that global warming has already permanently altered our world. If you do not have the time or space to plant your own tree (or even if you do), why not sponsor a responsibly-managed forest?

The Green Air Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping both individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint by creating forests. To learn more about this great program and how individuals and businesses can get involved and make a difference, go to

A stove that saves lives and slows global warming

The Tank cookstove is used by villagers in Kenya. Photo courtesy of Elsen Karstad, Burn Design Lab

It is no exaggeration to say that stoves save lives.

2.5 billion people around the world use open fires fueled by coal, wood, and charcoal to cook their meals. Each year, 1.6 million women and children die from upper respiratory disease related to indoor cooking smoke. That is over 4,000 people per day, and over half of them (approximately 2,500) are women in poor rural communities.

To learn more about an organization that’s making a difference – for women and children in Africa – and is doing its part to help slow global warming one fuel-efficient cookstove at a time, go to

Will the UN define “zero waste”?

As consumers demand more of companies in their green practices, more companies are scrambling to embrace sustainability. One of the biggest ways to do this is by being able to boast that they’ve produced zero waste, or at least are making great strides towards achieving that goal.

The environmental group Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) have created a zero-waste resolution proposal which they hope will lead to a universally recognized definition of zero waste.

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Power shortages in Japan lead to innovative air conditioned clothes

This battery operated jacket keeps you cool no matter what the temperature

In the wake of the devastating disasters that rocked Japan earlier this year, power shortages have abounded. With summer’s sweltering heat, one entrepreneur has seized the opportunity to have his quirky invention take hold.

Created by Hiroshi Ichigaya, a former Sony technician, Kuchofuku or air-conditioned clothing –  jackets and clothes with built-in electric fans – may not be high fashion, but they definitely make a difference in beating the heat.

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Natural container refrigerant technology unveiled

Carrier Corp's new cooling system replaces synthetic refrigerants with CO2

Container refrigerant technology has depended on refrigerants that, though improved over the past 14 years, still have a negative impact on the ozone layer.

Carrier Corp., a global leader in in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions – recently announced their newest innovation called NaturaLine, the world’s first natural refrigerant technology for container refrigeration.

This natural refrigerant technology creates a container refrigerant system that incorporates non-ozone depleting carbon dioxide (CO2) in place of conventional synthetic hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants, which have higher global warming potential (GWP). A higher GWP means it contributes to global warming at a higher level. NaturaLine has a GWP of one.

For more on this exciting technological breakthrough, see

All environmental “activists” are not alike

This post is a partial reprint of an article by Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder, Executive Chairman, and Chief Inspired Protagonist of Burlington, VT-based Seventh Generation Inc.   

America: All Koched Up

We all know that dollars buy influence and aren’t surprised when some millionaire we never heard of is found placing electoral bets or underwriting a political action committee. We have, quite sadly, become accustomed to the power of money and the dubious ends to which those who have it frequently put it. Even so, I found an article in last week’s New Yorker detailing the activities of billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch absolutely horrific. The Koch brothers run America’s second largest private company, Koch Industries, estimated to have revenues of $100 billion from brands that include Lycra, Stainmaster, Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups, and Georgia-Pacific lumber.   

It’s an excellent piece of reporting I strongly urge everyone to read, but for now here’s the gist: David and Charles Koch (pronounced “coke”), have for years been clandestinely founding and funding the organizations and efforts at the very epicenter of the right wing’s war on science, truth, progress, and political civility.   

Photo courtesy of Greenpeace's 2010 report on Koch Industries anti-climate change spending


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