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Green Ideas 2If you missed last week’s session, jump into this free webinar on Thursday, May 2nd! Get Your Creative On: Designing Green Solutions to Meet Today’s Challenges is a fun, thought-provoking and entertaining session. Discover the inspiration and action plan you need to take that idea for a new solution to a problem and make it into a REAL product! See some innovative and fascinating examples of people who have made it work and find out how you can do the same!

Don’t wait! Sign up TODAY for this free session that’s live tomorrow (Thursday), May 2nd from 1-2 pm Pacific. You’ve got nothing to lose and every insight to gain from me, Debra Atlas – a successful environmental writer,  professional blogger, speaker and radio personality. I’m a woman who truly knows GREEN!

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Get Your Creative On in this free webinar!

Get Your Creative On snapshotDid you miss the last one? Then be sure to get on board for Get Your Creative On: Designing Green Solutions to Meet Everyday Challenges Thursday, April 25th from 1-2 pm PST.

In this special free webinar that I’m leading. you’ll:

  • learn how to come up with solutions to real-life green-related challenges
  • discover what it takes to have an idea become a reality.
  • find how to tap into your ability to be the innovator you dreamed you could be.

See some of the cool green innovative products I’ve written about as I discuss what it took for their inventors to go from a cool idea to a done deal product. It’l be fun and there will be time for questions too.

So SIGN UP TODAY! Don’t wait another minute! Be my special guest and tell your friends and colleagues about it too!  Haven’t you waited long enough to do something amazingly creative?

Get your creative on – join the free webinar

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Discover what you need to take an great idea from imagination to create a new, environmentally-conscious innovation. Join tomorrow’s free webinar – Imagination to Innovation: Designing Green Solutions to Meet Today’s Challenges.

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