A proven, eco-friendly way to kill the H1N1 virus


Activeion's Ionator EXP - one of 2 new devices that effectively kills the H1Ni virus

The Ionator EXP - one of 2 new devices that kills the H1N1 virus

Use water to kill the H1N1 virus?

Sounds ludicrous, but recent lab tests confirm that the new ionator EXP™ and ionator HOM™ by Activeion Cleaning Solutions LLC does the job.

These simple hand-held devices ionize plain tap water, activating and convert it into a powerful dirt-removing and bacteria-killing product. Tests show that these devices kill the H1N1 influenza A virus in six seconds. They also effectively sanitize non-porous hard-surfaces. 

I tested an earlier version of this amazing device and wrote about it last year.

Activeion HomeFormer EPA Administrator Dr. Stephen L. Johnson,  who’s now an advisor to Activeion, says “testing concludes the ionator EXP™ and the ionator HOM™ provide for complete inactivation of the Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus, when used as directed.”

Forbes Magazine just named this product one of 2009’s ten best “disruptive technologies that could change the world”.

The ionator EXP™ is currently available and designed for commercial use. A less expensive consumer version will be available in the spring,  though it’s available now in limited quantities.

Washington State suspends limits on Mercury in H1N1 vaccine

Flu vaccineIn a move sure to have health repercussions down the line, the state of Washington has temporarily canceled the limit on how much mercury is allowed in swine-flu vaccine given to pregnant women and to children up to the age of 3. This suspension applies only to this vaccine and will stay in place until March 23, 2010.


Washington state's H1N1 vaccine may contain higher mercury levels

Washington state's H1N1 vaccine may contain higher mercury levels

Washington State’s Department of Health Secretary, Mary Selecky has said “It’s vital to be sure everyone in a high risk group has the choice to be vaccinated when swine flu vaccine becomes available.

“Mercury-free H1N1 vaccine may not always be in stock, and we want to be sure there are no barriers to protecting people,” she said.

Is this again part of the knee-jerk reaction to an illness that, though serious, some say has the cure be potentially worse than the disease? Let’s hope not.  

Only time will tell.