Big Food Strikes Back – a good primer about the Healthy Food “movement”


As we inch closer to November’s election, campaigning of all sorts is taking place. And the nuts and bolts of what consumers need to know is purposefully getting pretty murky.

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Organic versus non-GMO certified. Which would you pick if you had all the information?

The Non-GMO ProjectSaw a great article today – taken from an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered – that examined people’s perceptions of food products that were labeled either USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified. It made some very good points for both sides.

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Dannon to switch to non-GMO ingredients for all its yogurt brands

Dannon Oikos yogurtYogurt lovers have received a much welcomed announcement about their favorite snack food.

Dannon, which owns the Oikos®, Dannon® and Danimals® yogurt brands, has announced that it will switch to non-GMO, non-synthetic ingredients.These brands represent 50 percent of the company’s current volume. This move is a pledge to farmers, customers and consumers to further improve sustainable agriculture practices for its milk supply, to increase transparency for its portfolio of products and evolve to more natural and fewer ingredients for flagship brands.

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Composting and Nutrition

"Organic" isn't what you thinkLiving a healthy lifestyle and being healthy encompasses factors like regular exercise and reducing stress. But it all starts with the quality of the food we eat.

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A new organic oasis at SFO

Open only two weeks, Dogpatch Caffe is a surprising discovery at San Francisco’s newest terminal.

On a recent trip,, I had the good fortune to fly into SFO’s new terminal. Spacious and well lit, at late evening, many of the retail stores and dining establishments were already closed. But like a bright beacon, I suddenly spied organic fresh food ahead.

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Student innovator designs easy way to bring fresh food to urbanites

Farmery 1The idea of having farm fresh, healthy food available to inner city urbanites has been growing steadily. Inner-city gardens are springing up in major cities across the U.S., offering fresh produce to people who for so long had no easy access to it. But even this has its problems, including seasonality. Continue reading

Can a vegetarian diet effect student test scores? One New York school says yes!

Photo credit: New York Daily News

Photo credit: New York Daily News

it’s well known that a good breakfast makes a difference in school kids’ ability to focus and learn. But one New York school has taken this further. A public school in Flushing, Queens, New York is the first in the nation to offer a 100 percent vegetarian lunch menu. And they reported recently that students have improved attendance, test scores and energy in the wake of the change.

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T-fal cookware makes cooking easy and stylish

T-Fal’s sharp looking steam wok is part of their new Balanced Living product line

Obesity is a national epidemic. But cooking healthy food isn’t difficult, once you have a little knowledge and the right tools.

T-FAL, the French cookware company that was the first to market nonstick cookware in the U.S., is launching its latest product line called Balanced Living.

To learn more about this top quality product line of cookware that has just been introduced here in the U.S., see the full article at

Pesticides in your veggies? Yes, but agribusiness backed group says no worries

Back in April, the Environmental Working Group came out with their 2010 list of the most pesticide-laden fruits and veggies 

Now, according to The Atlantic, an agribusiness- backed group called the Alliance  for Food and Farming is apparently working to smear the findings of the EWG’s report. And they’re doing so with a $180,000 grant  from the USDA!

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