Johnson & Johnson and partners will work to create an HIV Vaccine

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Today is #WorldAIDSDay, a day when the world’s focus is on  the fight against HIV/AIDS.

There are already a number of medications on the market to help ease symptoms of HIV.According to the World Health Organization, since the HIV/AIDS epidemic began more than 30 years ago, over 70 million people have contracted HIV.  No vaccine exists to help prevent this life-threatening disease. But there’s hope on this front.

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of GMO’s from a die-hard organic farmer

The following article is by a colleague who, as a decades-experienced organic farmer, has first hand knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding genetically modified or genetically engineered crops and their impact. Because this topic is so crucial, it’s published here as a three-part short series. Sources are attributed at the end of the series.  You’ll want to be sure to read it all.

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I guess I’m just an old confused farmer, but I’ve been concerned about GMOs and the future for a while . Initially, I was optimistic. However the rapid growth and the way Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO) are being used has me worried. So far, the debate hasn’t provided clear solutions. As a food eater, I want to know all about the food I eat. Therefore, I’ve tried to look at the issues from both sides.

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New vaginal gel helps protect women from AIDS

Researchers announced yesterday that a new gel produced by Gilead Sciences has provided protection to women in South Africa from the AIDS virus, preventing them from being infected.

In what is likely the biggest breakthrough in almost 30 years of AIDS research, scientists at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna revealed that the gel, made from the company’s drug tenofovir, when used regularly by South African women, cut the risk of HIV infection by 50 percent after one year’s use and 39 percent after 2 1/2 years, compared to a gel that was essentially a placebo.

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