California legislature fails to ban plastic bags

Single use plastic bags end up littering roadways across the U.S.


Even with backing from key environmental groups, California’s state Senate failed to pass a ban on single-use plastic bags that consumers continually get from retail outlets in the state.   

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A Simple Way to Reduce Landfills

The City of Brotherly Love has devised something to help eliminate annoying residential litter left on private property throughout the country.

The “Circular Non-Delivery” Decal( is licensed through Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections to stop the delivery of non-subscription circulars. According to the order form for this inventive litter disqualifier, by filling out and submitting the form to the city, residents will be able to “stop the delivery of all handbill circulars, including those which contain coupons.”

This simple decal allows the city to issue Code Violation Notices (read tickets) to anyone found leaving such irksome deliveries on private property that’s covered under a filed Non Delivery form. Owners can cover all their properties by listing them all on a single form.

Imagine how much paper would be saved and landfill waste eliminated if all municipalities were to adopt such a simple, binding ordinance? Something to definitely consider proposing at your next city council meeting.