Underground eco-park in NYC

The Delancey Underground - the former trolley terminal could be transformed into a unique underground park

Most New Yorkers have no idea that they may be walking above long-forgotten underground tunnels and railways, relics of the horse-drawn trolleys and electrified cars of the early 20th century. There are at least 13 acres of unused tunnels throughout the five boroughs, many of them unsafe and unusable.

One such site is located underneath the Lower East Side (LES), and could soon become an unlikely green sanctuary.

To learn more about the Delancey Underground and the plans to transform an abandoned former trolley space into a thriving underground park, see http://bit.ly/xTsWYE.

A new green underground park for Manhattan

In  a city where real estate for parks is virtually non-existent, something special and unique is being considered in New York City – a subterranean park filled with greenery and natural light.

As a former New Yorker , I know that the city’s underground teams with scores of never completed or abandoned trolley and subway tunnels. Most New Yorkers aren’t aware of these tunnels. But three entrepreneurs are teaming up to turn one that lies under the Lower East Side into an urban wonder.

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