Ever thought about eco-friendly fundraising? It’s possible

With the current economy and budget cuts, school fundraisers are fundamental – a lifeline keeping important activities afloat.  

Candy, gift-wrapping and magazine subscriptions are generally top fundraising choices. Yet there are eco-friendly, creative, even yummy choices that could support schools being even more successful. 

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Colorful reusable plastic sandwich bag alternatives

An average family of five uses between 1,800 to almost 2,400 plastic sandwich bags per year.  More than 20 million sandwich bags from school lunches end up in U.S. landfills.     

There are eco-friendly alternatives to those plastic baggies we’re accustomed to using. Colorful, fashionable, affordable dishwasher and washing machine safe, they can be reused hundreds of times. And these are all made in the U.S.  

Here’s my “Best of the Best” list. They were all created by Moms unwilling to keep using an unsustainable, petroleum-based “baggies” and who, after searching for a great alternative, ended up creating one.The first three products are reusable sandwich and/or snack bags that have Velcro fasteners.  The fourth one looks like a bright-colored plastic food container, but isn’t.  Continue reading