Supreme Court says genes are not patentable

US Supreme CourtIn what is likely a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has announced its ruling that companies cannot patent human genes, a decision that could profoundly affect the medical and biotechnology industries.

This unanimous decision, written by Justice Clarence Thomas, said that laws of nature, natural phenomena and abstract ideas are not patentable. this broad ruling could have huge implications.

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Hug Wraps change how patients are treated

Putting on a Hug Wrap tells everybody around you (the hospital, doctors) that ‘I matter,’ says Jones.

Many people who’ve gone through a hospital stay, undergone outpatient treatment or procedures have at some point experienced harried, often indifferent-seeming medical personnel. At times, this treatment can seem callous, leaving patients feeling like cattle being herded through a disinterested or apathetic system.

Brenda Jones knows all about this.

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Two products help relay health information in emergency situations

One of two simple tools that could help save your life

During a medical emergency, it’s vital that first responders have your medical information on which to base critical decisions.

Two products make it easier for you to get the help you may need.

To learn about the File of Life and the Yellow Dot Program, two super-useful tools that could help save your or a loved one’s life, go to

Digital Medical Help is Just an App Away

Natural Cures iPhone app

Natural Cures iPhone app

In this digital age, touch screens put goods and services at our fingertips. iPhones – famous for thousands of practical and fun applications, even have one for health and medical issues.

The Natural Cures application – available on both the iPhone and iPod Touch – is a free download with a wealth of practical information.

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