The no-fuss infrared Medisana FTN thermometer

Medisana 1Saw this on one of my favorite blog sites, the Red Ferret Journal (for disclosure’s sake, I’m their Eco Editor / regular contributor) and had to pass it on.

Mom will love this one. The Medisana FTN infrared thermometer works without direct contact or that “under the tongue”struggle. Just place it over the area above the eyebrows, between the forehead and the temple. You can be up to 5cm away (that’s almost 2 inches). That makes taking temps of sick children or infants a breeze. The temperature reading comes up in just one second.

Able to store up to 30 readings,you can set this innovative thermometer for readings comparable to those normally taken orally, rectally or under the arm. And it has an automatic switch-off that kicks in three minutes after the last reading.

Medisans 2For those who are always looking for different ways to use things, the Medisana can also be used to measure the temperature of objects  like fluids, surfaces and of ambient temperatures.

The Medicans FTN comes with 2-AAA batteries (already installed), a storage container and an instruction manual. Designed for home use only, it retails .for around $42 US.