Large retailers to adopt new recycling labels that make sense

More of us are recycling these days. Figuring out what’s recyclable and what isn’t, however, is often like wandering through a maze. But there’s finally a light at the end of that tunnel.

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Goodwill expands their recycling to include Microsoft electronics

GoodwillGoodwill Industries  hasannounced it will now accept Microsoft electronics.

Those 1,900 plus facilities that participate in the Reconnect recycling program  –  a residential computer recycling program managed by Dell Computers and Goodwill that makes it easy, convenient and responsible to recycle your used computer equipment – will now accept Microsoft entertainment products including Xbox, Zune and accompanying accessories for free recycling.

Goodwill employees have collected 96 million pounds of e-waste through the program since 2004, which are then refurbished, repaired and resold or recycled by Dell’s partners. To ensure the collected electronics don’t add to the global problem of e-waste dumping, Dell holds its partners to a strict policy of not exporting non-functioning electronics to developing countries.

To find a participating Goodwill location and list of products it accepts, visit