Step ‘n Soak 4 Feet – easy relief for aching feet

Tired achy feet can get relief from a 20 minute daily foot bath

TV host, author and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz is a firm believer in soaking your feet. He’s done numerous TV segments on different foot baths – from simple baking soda to citrus, tea and vodka, America’s doctor recommends the benefit of a daily 20 minute “foot-bath”.

For those who love the idea of soaking their feet but not the hassle or mess, the StepnSoak 4 Feet is the perfect solution.

Ready to use out of the box, the Step ‘n Soak foot soaking system eliminates spills and requires no tub.

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A Green Military: Saving More than Energy

The Navy plans to have at least 50 percent of its total energy, both at shore and at sea, to be alternatives to fossil fuel by 2020

The armed forces are moving quickly to become more energy efficient, as they realize that saving energy will save soldiers’ lives.

The Pentagon says that it aims to “develop more energy-efficient weapons, embrace non-oil energy sources, and demand more energy-conscious behavior from the troops.”

For  more on the strategies and actions the branches of the military are involved in and the life saving potential of these steps, see

MealTrain helps families ease through life-changing events is a great resource for friends to help friends in need

Life is filled with changes – births, serious injuries, military deployment. all kinds circumstances. When a person or family experiences a life-changing event, friends and neighbors want to pitch in to show they care and make things a little easier for those in need. is a free, secure, private online solution that lets those who want to give organize meals to those they want to support.

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The Toy Industry helps bring toys to kids in military families

Although this isn’t an environmental story, it is important. Doing something that makes children feel happy – particularly kids in military families –  simply takes a willingness and commitment to act.

It's often unrecognized that kids of military families serve too

Our military helps keep our nation strong and safe. But there’s an often-overlooked segment behind our military – the children. When one or both of their parents are called to active duty. the children suffer in silence, generally unrecognized for their involuntary service.

Realizing the enormous challenges these kids face, the Toy Industry and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America have created a program that distributes toys to children at military bases with the highest rate of deployment. Launched in late 2009, Play Comforts is the first national toy distribution program to serve every branch of the military and its families.

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Open Sky Project and environmental retailer team up to celebrate our youngest patriots

We civilians don’t generally think or remember that our military is made up of a lot of parents. While they’re overseas, their kids pay a price for that service. Their parents can’t attend kid-important events like birthdays, ball games or the birth of their newest child.

The Open Sky Project – an online platform for retailers to come together and share their passion, knowledge and expertise via an online “Main Street” consumers can trust – has teamed up with Army Wife Magazine, Beautiful Sweets and  The result of this partnership is a celebration of all the kids of military families with their Cookies for the Ones They Love… a Made in America Bake Sale to Benefit Our Littlest of Patriots.

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