Elon Musk – could he revolutionize the lithium battery industry?

Elon MuskCame across a great article today about Elon Musk and his newest venture. The founder and innovator behind Teslathis visionary entrepreneur continues to expand his vision of what’s possible for American consumers.

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NASA cuts ties to Russia, jeapordizing our space travel

Traveling to and from the International Space Station will now be a big challenge for the U.S.

Traveling to and from the International Space Station will now be a big challenge for the U.S.

With the recent Russian annexation of the Crimea, its political ties to the U.S. have become strained, to say the least. Now word comes that NASA, our  preeminent federal space agency, has officially cut its ties with Russia and its space program.

This becomes highly problematic for the U.S. agency since we retired all our Space Shuttles in 2011 and have none at present to replace them. It’s going to take a few years yet for the new  Orion deep-space vehicle to be available and fully operational. And several private companies are still working on creating spacecraft to shuttle humans to the International Space Station.

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NASA newest experiment – growing veggies on the Moon

The moon's surface is definitely not plant friendly

The moon’s surface is definitely not plant friendly

The lunar surface is devoid of plant life, at least as far as we know. With no thriving topsoil, no water, no oxygen and no native plant life, there’s no way anything can grow there. But NASA plans to give it a try.

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Enjoy chlorine-free summer fun with ECOsmarte

The ECOsmarte filtration system, courtesy of ECOsmarte

The ECOsmarte filtration system, courtesy of ECOsmarte

As we shift from spring into summer, dreams of summer pool parties dance merrily through our heads. Preparing your pool for summer fun means loading it with harsh toxic chemicals. With so many of us wanting to lead healthy lifestyles, going that direction makes no sense.

There’s a more efficient, healthier alternative.

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Graphic Examples of Climate Change

This video illustrates the stunning changes that have been taking place around the planet – with glaciers, summer sea ice and ocean temperatures. The pictures are taken from NASA, satellites and other reliable data.

It’s tough to refute or deny the startling and rapid earth changes and projections based on the information you ‘ll see here.

The question is, are our political leaders awake to this yet?  And, as the answer sadly is a resounding “no”, what will it take?

A new green underground park for Manhattan

In  a city where real estate for parks is virtually non-existent, something special and unique is being considered in New York City – a subterranean park filled with greenery and natural light.

As a former New Yorker , I know that the city’s underground teams with scores of never completed or abandoned trolley and subway tunnels. Most New Yorkers aren’t aware of these tunnels. But three entrepreneurs are teaming up to turn one that lies under the Lower East Side into an urban wonder.

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Prestyl heating panels create green functional art

Good artwork enhances any room’s décor. PrestylUSA has taken this a step further, using distinctive artwork that serve as heating sources to efficiently heat both residential and commercial buildings.

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NASA discovers life under the Antarctic ice

Shriimp in Antarctica

A small shrimp-like creature under the Antarctic ice, as seen in a NASA video from December 2009 (AP Photo/NASA)

In a surprise discovery, a NASA team has found life 600 feet below an Antarctic ice sheet, where it’s been presumed no life could exist.

After lowering a video camera below the Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf, the team was stunned to see a shrimp-like creature come swimming into view and attach itself to the cable.  The scientists were further amazed when they pulled up a tentacle believed to be from a foot-long  jellyfish.

In an environment with no perceivable light or obvious food source, scientists are faced with an enigma with the appearance of the three-inch long orange  Lyssianasid amphipod, a distant relative to shrimp.

According to a story by Seth Borenstein, this amazing and exciting find presents many questions to scientists.

“We were operating on the presumption that nothing’s there,” said NASA ice scientist Robert Bindschadler, who will be presenting the initial findings and a video at an American Geophysical Union meeting Wednesday.

This is an exciting glimpse of marine life and habitat we know so little about. Time for scientists to reevaluate their thinking about what they think they know.

NASA’s Astronauts Celebrate 50 Years

NASA’s first astronauts – the “Mercury7″ – celebrate a landmark anniversary. 50 years ago today, on April 9th, NASA introduced men whose names would become familiar around the world – Gus Grissom, Alan Shephard, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Deke Slayton, John Glenn and Gordon Cooper.

John Glenn, famous for 2 spectacular space flights, commented “The experience back then of being selected and participating in the early flights is so vivid to me, it seems like this all happened a couple of weeks ago.”

The Mercury flights proved man’s ability to take to the stars and paved the way for future expeditions like Gemini and Apollo.

For more information on the Mercury flights, see the Mercury section in Universe Today’s Guide to Space.

Astronauts, the Future and the (im)Possible

Having just left an elegant and sparkling evening complete with eight – count them 8 – astronauts in the room, I can hardly believe my luck and good fortune.

With talk of returning to the Moon, the Aries mission and building a  lunar oupoost, and the prospect of exploring Mars, the evening was an exhilirating, heady  experience.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be detailing a wide variety of stories, anecdotes and obserations from this remarkable weekend at Space Camp. From shaking hands with living legend Dick Gordon (of Apollo 12) to  interviewing the Director of NASA, Larry Caps (Brigadier General, retired) , this was what can only be considered a once-in-a-lifetime, amazing experience.

I have also uncovered, or rather, discovered a wealth of other stories that bear telling but that may be more appropriate to another blog. So stay tuned for news of that upcoming venue – I promise it will be worth the wait and viewing.

For now, think about this. If you’ve ever had a dream – something you’ve imagined having or doing but were sure could NEVER happen – consider that what you think could be, in some near or future timeframe, be mistaken.

An impossible dream just may be within your grasp. As this weekend (for me) and NASA itself has demonstrated, doing the impossible cam become the do-able. So hold onto the dream. It just may take a little longer than you think.