National Park Service rescinds ban on plastic water bottles – a bad and dangerous policy for wildlife

Plastic pollution – such as shown here in the Grand Canyon prior to the plastic water ban – will likely now become a common scene again.

In what is clearly bowing to pressure from both our infamous, uh, illustrious national leader and lobbying (as with beaucoup dollars thrown at them or the federal agency that oversees it) by plastic bottle manufacturers, the National Park Service has announced it’s lifting the 6-year ban on the sale of plastic water bottles within national parks.

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10 National Parks (areas) you haven’t heard about

Lake Kuzitrin, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Alaska. Photo credit: National Park Service

Lake Kuzitrin, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Alaska. Photo credit: National Park Service

Editor’s Note:  I came across this article earlier today. As a Nature lover, I was surprised to learn about these national treasures. Perhaps if we know of them we can appreciate them more.

Of the 401 parks managed by the National Park Service, there are definitely some fan favorites—the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite. Each year nearly 275 million visitors flock overwhelmingly to the big names on the NPS list.

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The best national parks (you can’t visit) to see the Fall foliage

Fall foliage at national parkAs we move deeper into Fall, thoughts of viewing the beautiful changing colors of the trees are tantalizing. But with the government shutdown, the best places to see them – our national parks – are now inaccessible. For those who long to catch a glimpse, at least you can watch the slideshow of the top 10 national parks you would have loved to visit.

And let’s keep our fingers crossed that our national politicians get their act together and get the government moving again. The cost and stakes of not doing so are growing increasingly larger and damaging  by the moment.

Cast your vote for our National Parks

Natl. Pks Conservation Assn. logoThe National Parks Conservation Association is finalizing its new 16-month calendar. But the choice for its cover is still undecided.

They’ve narrowed it down to the final four. Take a moment to check it out, then cast your vote for your favorite. Anyone can vote. It’s a fun way to support these wonderful national treasures. And it’s easy!