Obama administration cancels fracking leases outside New Mexico’s sacred Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon

Photo by Debra Atlas

For those who’ve never been there, Chaco Canyon, a National Historical Park and a UNESCO World Heritage site located in northwestern New Mexico, between Albuquerque and Farmington, is an amazing collection of ancient Native American ruins and pueblos. Archeologists continue to excavate throughout the area as they uncover even more artifacts and as yet unknown villages to add to the area’s mystique.

But Chaco, which is only accessible by a daunting, poorly maintained 21 mile washboard-type road, has been threatened by the possibility of fracking nearby. The real possibility of damage from this has spurred environmentalists and local citizens to speak up and speak out. Continue reading

Yellowstone proposes killing off 1,000 bison from its herd

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Field Campaign

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Field Campaign

Bison, otherwise known as buffalo, as iconic to America as the flag and apple pie. They invoke a sense of freedom and awe. The most famous herd of buffalo resides in Yellowstone National Park.

But freedom is a slippery slope, particularly this time of year for these iconic animals. In wintertime, the herd traverses distances outside the Park to find food and shelter. And that’s where the trouble lays.

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