Pesticides in our Produce – the newest list and rankings

Environmental Working Group logoMost of us know that there are pesticides in our produce. We may not want to think about it, but the face remains that growers, particularly the larger farming concerns, are quite liberally dousing what we eat with toxic chemicals.

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Pet harnesses and carriers – not as safe as you think

Center for Pet Safety logoPet owners, a group I’m a long time member of, are a trusting sort. We’ve trusted pet food manufacturers to make products that were safe for our “best friends” – until we discovered that there were some deadly health-related issues. We’ve also trusted the manufacturers’ claims that pet harnesses and pet carriers will keep our four-legged buddies safe when we travel. Sadly, once again the claims don’t stand up to reality, and can have serious repercussions.

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Green Travel Guides from TripSketch make planning easy

As gas prices take an apparent welcome dip and summer heats up, thoughts turn to summer getaways.  Whether it’s a trip to the coast, visiting family or just hitting the road, road trips take time consuming planning.

TripSketch, a San Francisco Bay area mobile travel and trip planning company, has just launched a suite of nine new mobile “apps” for the iPhone and Android called Regional Green Travel Guides.

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Gifts that give hope (Part 3)

This stunning example of the Leakey Collection is made from sustainable materials by Masai villagers in Kenya

If you still have open slots on your Christmas list or have run out of creative ideas, here’s several other excellent eco-friendly choices that special someone on your list will appreciate.

The Leakey Collection offers a number of beautifully handcrafted pieces made from sustainable materials gathered and made by villagers from Kenya.

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