Oregon’s GMO labeling measure heads for a recount!

Oregon's GMO labeling ballot measure is still alive. Could it win?

Oregon’s GMO labeling ballot measure is still alive. Could it become law?

Even though most of the general media who quickly reported that Oregon’s Measure 92 failed, as the saying goes “it ain’t over ’til it’s over!” Continue reading

First section of Oregon’s West Coast Electric Highway opens

The first section of the West Coast Electric Highway is now open in southern Oregon

Back in 2008, I wrote a story about how the state of Oregon had begun installing the first solar highway in the U.S. Now, once again, Oregon is leading the way in alternative energy transportation by opening the first section of its new West Coast Electric Highway.

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Solar Highways Begin to Light the Way

Oregon highway solar panels begin lighting the way

Oregon highway solar panels begin lighting the way

The state of Oregon began installing the U.S.’s first solar highway in August. Located at the intersection of Highways 5 and 205, its 104-kilowatt array will produce 28 percent of the power necessary to light the exchange.

Portland (OR) General Electric and U.S. Bankcorp Community Development Corporation partnered to create the funding for this $1.4 million alternative energy project.

The CDC will own the project’s federal and state tax benefits for 5 years (they’ll expire then). Ownership will then revert to Portland GE.
This venture sounds promising. Makes you wonder what something like this could do in a sunnier states like California, Nevada or in the Southwest, with those wide-open spaces? There’s the land for larger arrays that could produce significantly larger amounts of energy. Think the utility companies are considering it? It could make a unique contribution to their renewables’ portfolios.