Buyers beware – organics from China may be hazardous to our health

Walmart misrepresents products as Organic - againThe demand for organic foods continues to grow. But should we blithely accept something that’s USDA certified as safe?

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Oprah Winfrey to get into organics?

According to an article in the New York Post, apparently Oprah Winfrey has filed several patent applications with  the US Patent and Trademark Organization.

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Organic Toothbrush Sanitizer for a healthier mouth

We wash our face and hands to keep them clean and germ free. When it comes to our toothbrush, however, we merely rinse it, put it back in its holder and forget about it.

Millions of germs and bacteria live on your toothbrush, including e-coli. Rinsing does nothing to get rid of them. And these can be the cause of or contribute to a number of illnesses like cold, flu. candida and tooth decay.

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New Jersey to lead the way banning lawn care chemicals

New Jersey may ban lawn fertilizers


One doesn’t generally think of New Jersey as an environmental leader, but that could be about to change. A bill making its way through the New Jersey legislature that if passed would severely limits how residents apply fertilizer would ban many lawn care products on the shelf today. 

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EVOLVh brings simplicity and organics to hair care

No one wants to have a bad hair day


Around 65,000 beauty salons throughout the U.S garner almost $17.5 billion in annual sales. Hair care products play an important part, consisting of from 5 to 15 percent of that number. 

“Nobody wants to have a bad hair day,” said Boris Oak, founder and CEO of EVOLVh Inc., a family owned, San Francisco Bay area company that produces top quality, organic hair products. 

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Seventh Generation teams up with Walmart

This week Walmart begins carrying Seventh Generation products in stores across the country


The announcement that Seventh Generation – a company known for high quality cleaning and household products – will now have their products carried at Walmart, the giant retailer with a mixed reputation for their sustainability and honest-t0-goodness organics, has caused a lot of conversation and some consternation. 

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Waste-to-Energy – a growing envirnomental solution

Waste-to-Energy (WTE) – a highly efficient way to create energy (electricity and/or heat) by utilizing a variety of waste products – is becoming a growing trend around the country.
A rising US trend - waste-to-energy facilities

A rising US trend - waste-to-energy facilities

I’ve written several blog posts about this successful and fascinating process.

There are 89 Waste-to-Energy facilities scattered across the U.S. Yet in the past several days I’ve read about a number of others either under construction or on the drawing boards.

Seems that stimulus money is being put to good use. From biomass and WTE projects in Virginia to an Organics-to-Energy Biogas Facility in San Jose, California, states are recognizing that turning what once was trash into electricity is a solid investment in energy independence.

In these challenging economic times, its heartening to see some city and state governments stepping forward with vision, willing to stick their necks out to create a better future.