Border Governors Conference 2008 Part 3

“Existing technology today”, said Nancy McFAdden, Senior Vice President of Pacific Gas & Electric, “could help us meet 50% of future needs.” A featured panelist at the “Conversations on Building Green Economies” at the Border Governors conference, McFadden said the problem is we don’t know how to take existing energy and use it efficiently.

It’s also a matter of direction. First world countries, said panelists, are moving along unworkable, unsustainable pathways. “The developed world,” said Pachauri, has to re-develop,” go a different direction.

“You can’t expect developing nations to see what we do and not want to emulate that. We have to set a different example,” he said.

It’s got to be about more than just us – what we want to do or have.

“We have a much bigger responsibility tan just taking care of ourselves,” said Pachauri.