First Arab Youth Orchestra Founder to Speak

Editors Note:   The following article is geared towards a local event. But the message is an important one for all of us who long for peace in this world.

Zuhal Sultan, founder of Natl. Youth Orchestra of Iraq, photo courtesy of Euphrates instituteMost Americans’ perception of Iraq is of a war-­torn country, a place filled with terrorism and unrest. Iraq is rarely described as a peaceful nation filled with music. Yet one young woman – Zuhal Sultan – has dedicated herself to creating just that in a very tangible way.

Next month, Sultan will speak in Redding, California, and tell the story of how music brought some measure of peace to her homeland.

Sultan is the founder and Artistic Director of National Youth Orchestra of Iraq. The orchestra – made up of 43 Arabs, Muslims and Christians (male and female) ages 14 to 29 – is the first successful youth orchestra in the Arab world.

To learn more about this amazing young woman and the barrier-crossing, peace-building orchestra she created, click here.