ChicoBag’s Produce Collection – a great alternative to clear plastic supermarket bags

Single use plastic bags are a growing environmental threat

Over one billion single-use plastic bags get handed out every day in the U.S.  Costing retailers an average of $4 billion annually, these bags are made from petroleum and toxic chemicals that create pollution and greenhouse gases. Hundreds of thousands of sea and land-based creatures mistake them for food and often end up dying an agonizing death. With a large majority of these bags ending up in landfills, these bags pose a serious environmental problem.

The good news is while some communities are beginning to ban the use of these bags, Americans are slowly shifting to using reusable bags instead. One of the leading makers of reusable bags is ChicoBag.

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Cereplast meets consumer demand with new bioplastics

Cereplast's new resins will create biodegradable plastic products that reduce landfill impact and GHG emissions

Cereplast's new resins will create biodegradable products that reduce landfill impact and GHG emissions


Known for their quality line of bioplastic resins, Cereplast Inc. has bowed to consumer demand by introducing eleven new grades of bioplastic resins.

I’ve written a few posts on the varied use of bioplastics in consumer products (see and  Cereplast’s resins are used to produce products as diverse as tableware and cutlery,  toys,  healthcare/hygiene products, bottles/containers, bags, packaging, gift cards, printed displays, straws, and  pipes, conduits.

In the wake of the disastrous BP oil spill, consumers are demanding more sustainable solutions that rely less on petroleum, says the company.

Cereplast anticipates this demand will result in the company shipping approximately 16 million pounds of bio-plastic resins to customers this year, a 400 percent rise in shipments and 190 percent rise in revenue over 2009 figures.

With the new line of resins, Cereplast will produce plastics using a more sustainable manufacturing process. These plastics, says the company, will reduce landfill disposal and greenhouse gas emissions.