EcoScraps digs out into environmental activism

EcoScraps logoJust because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference.

Though fairly new to the market, EcoScraps, manufacturer of chemical-free organic lawn and garden products made from fruit and vegetable waste, hasn’t wasted any time seeing how else to make a difference in the world.

As part of a company-wide commitment to global activism, the young company is sponsoring concert events for the upcoming Farm Aid 2013 and the Global Citizen Festival in New York City. EcoScraps has offered financial support for both events, and will be providing composting services to Farm Aid.

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UniversalGiving – helping to eliminate poverty around the world

UniversalGiving helps eliminate poverty around the globe

Focused on raising money for international charities and matching volunteers for make-a-difference global projects, the non-profit UniversalGiving has been making a big impact around the world this year. Their biggest task is working to eliminate poverty in its many forms.

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Giving gifts that give hope Part 2

Chicago-based Greenheart Shop creates opportunities to alleviate poverty through your purchases

Continuing with gifts that give back to others, the Greenheart Shop is a fair trade, non-profit shop that carries fair trade and eco-friendly products they purchase from artisans from over 60 different countries, as well as from some groups in Chicago.

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One woman's passion creates miracles

Lily YehIf you’ve never heard of Lily Yeh, you’ve missed out on something amazing. This humble lovely Chinese woman has courage and passion and is taking it to the darkest, most destitute areas to create breathtaking art.

“I’m sharing a private journey made public,” she quietly said at the Bioneers conference.

The darkest place is a light for transformation, Yeh said.  From a blighted Philadelphia neighborhood, in the midst of poverty and gangs, she went to a lot with a broken, abandoned building, drew a circle around herself with a scrap of glass she picked up from the ground, then waited for people to show up. When they came to find out what this crazy woman was doing, she got them involved in creating what turned out to be an amazing place of beauty, meditation and retreat. With the help of neighborhood children of all ages and abandoned people like drug addicts who have since given up their habit, she took an abandoned space and transformed it.

“It’s a celebration of life and beauty,” she passionately said.

The more she spoke, the more excited and passsionate she became. She was riveting.

Yeh sees her role being “to light other people’s pilot light so we can shine into the future.” She brings beauty to the destitute.

When talking about her travels to Rwanda, Yeh said “we all are broken in one way or another. Together we create our future.”

Yeh is positively uplifting, in every sense of those words. As she says, her weaknesses become her strength. This is a lesson we can all learn, then take into the world to make a difference.