Eco-innovation on the radio!

On Air logoI recently was interviewed by Diane Brandon, who hosts an online radio show on BlogTalkRadio. Ms. Brnadon asked some great questions, including what is an eco-innovation and what does the term “green” really encompass.

We discussed a wide variety of green products that I’ve tested and written about and the impact they have for consumers. It’s a delightful and informative program that can be really useful to help expand your knowledge about what really is and isn’t green and how to know the difference.

Click here to listen to the entire interview. Due to technical difficulties (telephone-related), after the introduction you’ll want to fast forward to around 5:45 minutes into it. Skype definitely saved the day!

Enjoy and let me hear from you afterwards!

The latest in green radio

Catch Eco Trends - the latest in green radio

Are you always looking for the latest and greatest in green products? Think that living a green lifestyle is expensive?

Check out Eco Trends, a fun, twice-weekly radio feature that profiles some of the latest, innovative eco-friendly products. You can catch it live every Tuesday and Thursday around 3:20 pm Pacific or listen to the archives. Either way, you’ll find new, affordable ideas to help you go more green.

Green on the airwaves

Eco Trends logo

If you haven’t heard of it, take a listen to Eco Trends.

It’s a new radio feature that discusses the newest, innovative eco-friendly consumer products on the market. You can hear this fun, informative radio spot can be live or archived online every Tuesday and Thursday around 3:20pm Pacific.

Check it, then spread the word!

Check out the latest eco-friendly products – on the radio!

Eco Trends logo

Eco Trends - the latest green innovations are on the radio!

Green has hit the radio waves!

Eco Trends – with Debra Atlas – features the latest eco-innovations. From chemical-free baby products to eco-friendly home decor, Eco Trends presents the newest way to stay up with simple, easy affordable ways you can green your lifestyle.

Be sure to check out this fun radio feature every Tuesday and Thursdayaround 3:20pm (Pacific) or via the online archives. And spread the word about the newest eco-friendly spot on the radio!