100 percent recycled asphalt to be used for bike lanes

Bike path pic

The Netherlands has one-upped the rest of the world yet again. Previously it was with their solar powered bike path, which opened in 2014 in a suburb outside of Amsterdam. In a country where there are admittedly more bikes than people, the government’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is inspiring.

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Eco-innovators could showcase their products at Walmart

Walmart logoJust saw this news item and thought I’d pass it along.

Do you have a product you believe is both eco-friendly and unique? Does your company manufacture unique products made from recycled content? Do your products promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste? Are your products made from sustainable materials that might be considered “non-traditional?” Do your products provide sustainable advantages that companies and organizations can utilize as part of their construction or in daily operations?

Quest Resource Management Group is seeking innovative products made from eco-friendly materials to present to Walmart and Sam’s Club buyers. At a rare and exclusive event held on October 2, 2013. handpicked manufactures/suppliers of sustainable and recycled content products will be given the opportunity to showcase their unique and innovative products to Walmart buyers and sustainability team at the Sam’s Club Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Quest Resource Mgmt GroupThis is  for innovative solutions that could be used in consumer products or for Walmart’s retail operations, including the company’s stores and clubs, distribution centers and fleet of trucks. If you feel that your products can add value as sustainable or recycled content, please contact Lindsey Rattan at LindseyR@QuestRMG.com by July 19th.

Whatever your feelings about Walmart may be, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get seen in a big way. Definitely something to jump on as quickly as possible.

Green your holiday wrapping

Of the Earth gift wrap contains 50% recycled content

Getting even more into the spirit of the holidays means putting those holiday cards together, making sure you have the right presents and wrapping them up beautifully (or as best as you can).

Most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable. It’s usually dyed or laminated and can contain additives like gold and silver coloring, glitter and plastics.

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Sustainable Packaging Coalition to launch new recycling label program

The current resin code for recycling plastics definitely has consumers confused

It’s challenging for consumers to know which numbered plastic bottle or container is recyclable and which isn’t these days, especially with the new types of plastic that are hitting the market.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition plans to launch a voluntary labeling pilot program that they hope will eliminate the confusion about all the resin numbers we have to contend with.

The labeling system will classify packaging as “widely recycled”, “not recyclable” or “with limited recycling” — meaning consumers will need to check to see whether it’s recycled in their area. The labels will not address any recycled content the package may or may not contain.

“This is an effort to create a harmonized system that applies to all materials and to move away from resin identification codes because a lot of people think RIC codes mean an item is recyclable and that is not always the case,” said Anne Bedarf, an SPC project manager.  “Municipalities and local and state officials tell us that there is no question that people find the RIC codes confusing and that it causes significant consumer confusion.”

Bedarf said the program’s been designed so that the recycling category for a product or product component can change as its level of recycling changes — and hopefully improves. Though initially only SPC industry members will be able to use the new numbering system on their products until late 2012, the plan is to make it a universal labeling system sometime after that time.

Tree-free paper products – from sugar cane

There are lots of paper products out there, with a few brands boasting recycled content. But few have gone the distance to  have tree-free content – the ultimate in green.

Sugar cane leftovers are pulped into bagasse, which is now used as a sustainable paper alternative

One company that’s stepped up is the Paradigm Group. They’ve been producing green products under their Emerald brand since 1998.

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Soft toilet paper versus recycled content?

When it comes to choosing toilet paper with recycled content, consumers still want softness

The question that most consumers ask themselves when it comes to using toilet paper made with 100% recycled content is, of course, “how soft is it?”

According to an article in the New York Times and a report by the National Resources Defense Council, less than 10 percent of the paper products purchased for the home contain any recycled content, about 60 percent purchased for outside the home locations do.

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