Start Saving Energy Now

The following is a guest post from writer Reuben Dickison

Mark Group Energy Saving pic 1

There are many steps homeowners can take to improve the energy efficiency of their homes without spending thousands of dollars at one time

Getting people to insulate their homes and replace all of their windows is nearly impossible. Since the downturn in housing values, many do not have enough equity in their homes to finance such high dollar improvements, and other methods aren’t always an option. Many have heard from other homeowners that the actual payback in savings was far less than projected when they made these improvements (often a symptom of overzealous sales tactics by contractors).

Telling people they should spend $7,000 to retrofit windows and also reinsulate their home is going to be a hard sell for many. If consumers knew what they could do to convert their homes to greater energy efficiency without having to save and/or spend thousands of dollars, they’d achieve this much more quickly.

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