The PURE Glass Bottle – a great way to stay hydrated

We Americans love our water bottles. Even though we purchased more single use plastic kind last year than the year before, we can’t wait to grab the latest, colorful ones we see on store shelves. Made from stainless steel, aluminum, BPA-free plastic – the choices are mind-boggling.

For those looking for a different, sexy looking portable bottle, check out the PURE Glass Bottle.

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Ditch those paper towels for Bambooee!

Bambooee is a versatile, durable alternative to paper towels that can save you money

Americans use more than 580 pounds of paper per person every year – enough to build a 12-foot high wall from San Francisco to New York!

Every day, 3,000 tons of paper towels are sent to American landfills.

The folks who created Bambooee hope to help change our paper addiction.

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Sip ‘N Go – the foldable water bottle that cuts waste

The Sip 'N Go water bottle can fold up to fit in your pocket

Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. That’s 1,500 every second! Out of the 50 billion bottles of water purchased each year, 80 percent end up in a landfill, even though plenty of recycling programs exist.

Many folks have begun toting a reusable water bottle. Even though it’s heavy when it’s full, it’s better than buying all those plastic water bottles, right?

But why can’t someone invent a lightweight, eco-friendly water bottle that’s easy to take wherever you want?

Someone has.

For more on this revolutionary flexible water bottle, see

Recycled Gift Wrap makes Gift Giving special

As we move closer to Christmas,with thoughts turning to presents and lists, there are some important ecological facts to bear in mind.

Americans generate an added 5 million tons of waste during the holidays. Of this, four million tons are wrapping paper and shopping bags. Worse still, the majority of holiday wrapping paper can’t be recycled because it contains lead and/or metallic materials, which are toxic if burned. So it all winds up in our landfills.

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Moving beyond the Reusable Bag and bottle to live Green

The following guest blog is from Ms. Shane Shirley-Smith of

Okay so you are on board with living a greener lifestyle right? You have your reusable bags and, when you remember, you actually use them. You even picked up a trendy stainless steel reusable water bottle and you’re filling it up before you leave the house and using that too. You are even starting to feel like your efforts to go green are actually saving money on silly bottled water. You’re really catching on to that whole “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” thing and it’s actually becoming less of a cliché and more of a personal goal. Feels good to go green doesn’t it?

Well don’t get too comfortable with your new found Eco-status…there is more we can all do to move beyond the reusable bag and bottle and really live green.

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Eco-aware Moms have buying clout

A new report from EcoFocus Worldwide reveals that “EcoAware Moms” – made up of over 51 million women – have more than $1.45 trillion in buying power.

The new Consumer Trend Watch Report: “Are You Ready for EcoAware Mom?” is based on the EcoFocus 2010 US Trend Survey of 4,000+ Americans ages 18-65. It shows that today’s parents see buying eco-friendly products as an opportunity to improve their quality of life, set good examples. teach important behaviors to their children, and to leave a legacy for future generations.

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ChicoBag honored by California Product Stewardship Council

Following up on my recent story about ChicoBag – those fold-away convenient reusable shopping bags that come in scads of colors and designs – will be honored today as a recipient of the inaugural Green Arrow Award by the California Product Stewardship Council.

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