The “Race for Water Odyssey” to assess global ocean plastic pollution

Race for Water Odyssey graphic

It’s estimated that over 260 billion tons of plastic are currently polluting our oceans, accumulating within whirling pools of water or gyres. Of these five gyres, only one – the Great North Pacific Gyre (also known as the North Pacific Garbage Patch) – is being actively studied.

Scheduled to launch from Bordeaux, France, the Race for Water Odyssey (R4WO) aspires to reach the 5 gyres to study the accumulating waste in these remote areas. While studies on certain vortexes have already been conducted, this expedition will, for the first time  collect and analyze systematic and comparable data on all 5 of the planet’s gyres.. Continue reading

Pet harnesses and carriers – not as safe as you think

Center for Pet Safety logoPet owners, a group I’m a long time member of, are a trusting sort. We’ve trusted pet food manufacturers to make products that were safe for our “best friends” – until we discovered that there were some deadly health-related issues. We’ve also trusted the manufacturers’ claims that pet harnesses and pet carriers will keep our four-legged buddies safe when we travel. Sadly, once again the claims don’t stand up to reality, and can have serious repercussions.

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