Seattle – the latest city to ban plastic bags

Seattle joins the ranks of cities banning plastic bag use (photo by Sascha W., flickr)

On December 19th, the City Council in Seattle passed an ordinance banning single use plastic bags.

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Seattle to let consumers opt-out of delivery of phone books

Photo by Joshua Trujillo /

Known for often leading the way in environmental innovation, Seattle will now allow consumers to sign up for an Opt-out Registry that will prevent the unwanted delivery of yellow pages phone books.

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Seattle increases food waste composting 47%

City-sponsored food composting is a steadily growing trend

City-sponsored food composting is a steadily growing trend

City-sponsored food composting is a slow but growing trend. The three top metropolitan cities that have successful composting programs are Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.

Seattle may be leading the pack. According to the Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and Cedar Grove Composting, Seattle residents increased their food composting 47% last year. That translates to sending 89,000 tons of organics and food waste into the city composting program instead of the landfill.

The city estimated food waste comprised 20% of the waste stream going to landfills in 2008.

Duwamish River FestivalNow SPU and Cedar Grove Composting have launched a new campaign, ôCompost Days,ö which runs through May 30. Seattle residents will receive coupons for two free bags of Cedar Grove compost and free Green Kitchen Kits.

“”On any given week, more than half of Seattle subscribers are putting their food and yard waste carts out for collection,” said Croll, SPU Solid Waste Director.

Way to go Seattle! Now who else will jump on this super useful bandwagon?