Combating Climate Change – a new look with Al Gore and Jeff Skoll

Al Gore at Google Hangout 2013

Former Vice President Al Gore at the Google Hangout 

A fascinating online meeting billed as Combating Climate Change took place Tuesday June 11th. Sponsored by The Climate Reality Project (the non-profit founded by former Vice President Al Gore), it featured Gore and Jeff Skoll, the Executive Producer of the film An Inconvenient Truth. In 2006, this eye-opening film launched a worldwide conversation, some would say controversy, regarding the effects of climate change. Now, on  the film’s seventh anniversary, these two came together, with moderator Dr. Kiki Sanford to give an update on what was discussed in the film.

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Waste-to-Energy – a growing envirnomental solution

Waste-to-Energy (WTE) – a highly efficient way to create energy (electricity and/or heat) by utilizing a variety of waste products – is becoming a growing trend around the country.
A rising US trend - waste-to-energy facilities

A rising US trend - waste-to-energy facilities

I’ve written several blog posts about this successful and fascinating process.

There are 89 Waste-to-Energy facilities scattered across the U.S. Yet in the past several days I’ve read about a number of others either under construction or on the drawing boards.

Seems that stimulus money is being put to good use. From biomass and WTE projects in Virginia to an Organics-to-Energy Biogas Facility in San Jose, California, states are recognizing that turning what once was trash into electricity is a solid investment in energy independence.

In these challenging economic times, its heartening to see some city and state governments stepping forward with vision, willing to stick their necks out to create a better future.