Crayola’s new take-back program spurred by elementary school kids online petition

Crayola's new take-back program was spurred by an online petition from elementary school students

Crayola’s new take-back program was spurred by an online petition from elementary school students. Photo by Thomas Hawk, flickr

Who ever said “no” is the final answer to any question?

After publicly insisting  “we do not have the facilities or a process that will enable us to offer a take-back program,” Crayola, the iconic crayon and marker maker, bowed to an online petition and has created ColorCycle. This innovative program converts used markers into a liquid fuel source.

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Pharmaceutical Take-back programs makes disposal safe and easy

Over 250 million pounds of unused dispensed medications are disposed of improperly every year

Approximately four billion prescriptions are dispensed outside of a hospital setting every year. The sheer volume increases when you figure in over-the-counter medications, supplements and pet medications.

A variety of pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, steroids and other toxic substances can now be found in the majority of our groundwater streams and in the drinking water of more than 40 million Americans. More than 250 million pounds of unused dispensed medications are disposed of improperly each year, says David Tusa, President and CEO of Sharps Compliance Inc.

Sharps, a leading medical waste management company, has created a nationwide, easy-access solution to capture the enormous volume of unused medications, used syringes and medical waste generated outside of hospital and large healthcare settings.

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Aveda’s Recycle Caps program makes #5 plastic recyclable

With curbside recycling in most area across the U.S., we’ve learned what we can recycle and which ones we can’t. The rigid polypropylene (known as #5) plastic –found in all sorts of containers – generally falls into that last category.

Because recyclers rarely accept this highly used plastic, the majority of it winds up in landfills.

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Best Buy creates “Future Proof” electronics buy back program

With all the advances in technology,that great laptop / tablet you got for Christmas will be obsolete within a year or less.

Best Buy has come up with a solution for those who just have to have the latest and greatest electronic “toys”.

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Computer memory manufacturer launches a memory card take-back program

Kingston Technology – a leading manufacturer of memory products for computers and other electronics including memory modules, USB drives, SD and microSD cars – has partnered with California-based Electronic Recyclers (ERI)- the largest electronics recycler in North America – to launch the first-ever mail-back program for unwanted memory cards and other memory products.

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Now you can recycle that toothbrush too!

Made from recycled materials, Preserve toothbrushes are recyclable too

The list of things you can recycle keeps growing. Besides paper, glass and plastic water bottles, in many communities it includes batteries, DVDs, mattresses and compostable containers.

One thing I never thought of to recycle is the toothbrush. Yet a company called Preserve does just that. 

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