Coming soon: India's first "green" parking lot

Kasturba Gandhi Marg to have a "green" parking complex

Kasturba Gandhi Marg to have a "green" parking complex

With so much focus on going green, perhaps the next step in green building is the green parking lot.

Traditionally the scene of exhaust fumes, oil leaks and reflective heat, Delhi, India will break ground soon on an amazingly eco-friendly alternative. Kasturba Gandhi Marg – site of Delhi’s famous circular shopping center – will feature a parking lot with a green building, rainwater harvesting, a sewage treatment plans of its own, solid waste management and energy efficient devices. Another amazing feature of this environmentally-friendly parking lot – a state-of-the-art robotic technology that moves cars.

With plans to cover a triangular plot located behind Kasturba Gandhi Marg measuring 66,941 square feet,  it will have 15 levels -twelve overground and three basements, all of which will have parking lots.  The building itself will feature:

  • natural light and lots of fresh air,
  • roof top thermal insulation
  • double-glazed windows to reduce power consumption
  • energy efficient lighting with timers and dimming switches

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Another reason to legalize hemp

Hemcrete - a revulutionary building technology made from help

Hemcrete - a revulutionary building technology made from help

There have been a number of stories in the media the past few months about the many uses of marijuana’s cousin, hemp, and their potential for revenue.  Yet lawmakers have ignored the positive side of what this has to offer.

Now a hemp-based product in Europe   Tradical® Hemcrete®– is trying to make it’s way to the US and its high value warrants serious consideration.

Hemcrete, made by U.K.-based Lhoist Group, is a bio-composite, thermal walling building material made from hemp, lime and water.  And this new technology is carbon neutral, making it an ideal substitute for traditional concrete.

Versatile, sustainable, good looking, environmentally-friendly and 100% Hemcrete 1recyclable, Hemcrete has an amazing array of applications – from roof insulation to wall construction to flooring.  Among its many benefits, its waterproof, fireproof, insulates well, does not rot [when used above ground] and is completely recyclable. It can even be used as fertilizer when demolished!

This revolutionary product has been popular in Europe for years. BUT this species of hemp is currently illegal in the U.S., so finding a market here is going to be tough.

Perhaps if there’s enough money to be made from it, pressure on politicians will turn the tide, forcing them to revisit the issue.

Regardless, it’s so profitable overseas that Hemp Technologies, one of the biggest manufacturers of hemp products in the UK, is actively recruiting as many new growers as it can.

So instead of making it illegal, perhaps its time for hemp to take its rightful place as a viable, versatile, cash cow again here in the U.S. What do you think?