Student innovator designs easy way to bring fresh food to urbanites

Farmery 1The idea of having farm fresh, healthy food available to inner city urbanites has been growing steadily. Inner-city gardens are springing up in major cities across the U.S., offering fresh produce to people who for so long had no easy access to it. But even this has its problems, including seasonality. Continue reading

Urban farming meets fresh fish

More urban gardeners are incorporating aquaponics for more sustainability

From small backyard gardens to larger community spaces and rooftop ventures, urbanites are rediscovering the value and freshness of home-grown food.

Aquaponics is a new trend that’s making headway that promises to enhance the quality of urban gardening while adding an unusual supply of sustainable protein.

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Urban Farming: a growing trend

If predictions are correct that climate change and rising sea levels will create greater numbers of urban dwellers, the need for greater local food resources will be critical.

Back in World War II, a large percentage of Americans had gardens to help supplement their food. This tradition, which continues today, has spread to the middle of some of our largest urban areas. Volunteers work to transform what many times were vacant lots full of crumbling concrete or overgrown weeds into thriving, colorful, sustainable, agricultural landscapes.

To find out what many large cities are doing to transform sometimes blighted areas and to view amazing pictures of urban farms, go to