CVS to stop selling tobacco products

In a bold move, CVS has announced it will stop selling tobacco products at its 7,600 locations across the United States.

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Kiss-u Tissues – convenience and safety in a tube

Amy Davis, a Connecticut mom, created these handy tissue tubes to help parents and kids stay safer while driving

Distracted driving is the cause of many a car accident. For many, the culprit is texting. Busy parents, however, can get distracted searching for something that kids in the back seat need. One look away from the road can spell disaster.

That was the impetus behind Amy Davis creating the innovative Kiss-u Tissues.

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Pharmaceutical Take-back programs makes disposal safe and easy

Over 250 million pounds of unused dispensed medications are disposed of improperly every year

Approximately four billion prescriptions are dispensed outside of a hospital setting every year. The sheer volume increases when you figure in over-the-counter medications, supplements and pet medications.

A variety of pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, steroids and other toxic substances can now be found in the majority of our groundwater streams and in the drinking water of more than 40 million Americans. More than 250 million pounds of unused dispensed medications are disposed of improperly each year, says David Tusa, President and CEO of Sharps Compliance Inc.

Sharps, a leading medical waste management company, has created a nationwide, easy-access solution to capture the enormous volume of unused medications, used syringes and medical waste generated outside of hospital and large healthcare settings.

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Tree-free paper products – from sugar cane

There are lots of paper products out there, with a few brands boasting recycled content. But few have gone the distance to  have tree-free content – the ultimate in green.

Sugar cane leftovers are pulped into bagasse, which is now used as a sustainable paper alternative

One company that’s stepped up is the Paradigm Group. They’ve been producing green products under their Emerald brand since 1998.

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