New online video game makes learning how to recycle fun

Recycleg Sorter Game

The Super Sorter game makes learning about what’s recyclable fun

There’s no national mandatory recycling law so not everyone recycles. Many folks don’t know much about what can be recycled beyond paper or bottles. Now, as part of Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council’s “I Wanted to be Recycled campaign, St. John & Partners have created a new interactive online game called Super Sorter that shows people different ways things can be sorted and recycled.

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Waste reduction at JC Penney's – no more big catalogs

JC Penney LogoAnother consumer icon will soon bite the dust. JC Penney’s says it will eliminate their twice-yearly Big Book catalogs due to customer preference for online sales.

Officials at Penney’s say the change will likely result in a reduction in paper consumption of 25% to 30% .

“Big book catalogs have become less relevant as customers have embraced shopping online, where they have ready access to our entire assortment at any time on,” said Mike Boylson, Penney’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

The company plans to instead produce smaller, targeted catalogs throughout the year and emphasize their digital presence. Also they’ll revamp existing catalogs to reduce paper use, utilizing low-weight paper with 10 percent recycled content when possible and only mailing catalogues out on request.

A good move – for Penney’s and for the environment.