Corporations learning the real value of materials recycling

Reduce-Reuse-RecycleLarge corporations are beginning to get that recycling – the 2nd of the “3 R’s” – can really pay back. With the launch of the new National Materials Marketplace, more than 20 companies with U.S.-based operations are avoiding waste by turning it into raw materials for other companies’ use.

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Who Actually Constructs a Landfill? You Might Be Surprised

Landfill picAccording to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans produce about 4.4 pounds of garbage daily. That’s around 1,600 pounds a year!

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Oil Hair Mats – An Environmentally-Friendly Way to Manage Oil Spills

Oil hair mats are used to clean up Ocean Beach, CA

Oil hair mats are used to clean up an oil spill at Ocean Beach, CA

Oil spills create serious environmental trouble for marine life.

2008 saw approximately 2,600 oil spills around the world, the majority from leaky pipelines, overturned oil trucks and harbor spills, along with illegal dumping and tankers colliding or running aground. 363 million gallons of oil (almost half the total oil spilled) came from used motor oil spills, much of which makes its way through our rivers and oceans.

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