Will the UN define “zero waste”?

As consumers demand more of companies in their green practices, more companies are scrambling to embrace sustainability. One of the biggest ways to do this is by being able to boast that they’ve produced zero waste, or at least are making great strides towards achieving that goal.

The environmental group Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) have created a zero-waste resolution proposal which they hope will lead to a universally recognized definition of zero waste.

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Pharmaceutical product stewardship moves towards greater reality

Drugs on tapAlmost a year ago I wrote about the growing problems of medications in our nation’s water supply.

Since then, the problem has grown. At the same time, a number of states and organizations have been pushing for product stewardship from manufacturers. To date, Maine holds the distinction of being the first state to pass Extended Producer Responsibility legislation. It’s widely held that the first products recommended for manufacturer “take backs” will be pharmaceuticals.

Today, Coventa Energy– which develops, owns and operates waste-to-energy facilities throughout the U.S. and Europe – announced it has begun a a free service to local governments as part of its national program to collected unwanted and unused pharmaceuticals.

It’s a good next step. But what’s really needed is standardized, mandated national EPR legislation. Without this, manufacturers can and will continue to drag their collective heels, waving their “not my problem” banner and sidestep what is rapidly becoming a safe drinking water crisis. Surely the politicians can find time to address this potent issue sometime soon.