Wind turbines on the Great Lakes? Not a great idea for the birds

Saw an interesting article today about how putting wind turbines on the Great Lakes could do serious harm to the birds around and migrating through the Great Lake region.

Traditional wind turbines create a horrendous level of bird kills. Endangered birds such as bald eagles, which are federally protected,  and bats – which are threatened by the white nose syndrome plague – are losing their lives in continually growing numbers due to strikes by wind turbines.

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Unique and more effective wind turbines gaining popularity around the world

Wind energy is a growing industry, with wind turbines springing up across the country. As useful as wind energy is, it has a serious downside.

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Google Announces Revolutionary Flying Wind Turbines – but will the cost to wildlife be too high?

Google X's prototype flying wind turbine. What impact will this have on birds?

Google X’s prototype flying wind turbine. What impact will this have on birds?

Less than 15 percent of land around the world meets the criteria to support wind turbines, namely  where winds routinely reach speeds of between 5-8 meters per second. Astro Teller, the head of Google X, announced a new and innovative solution.

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Exciting Renewable Energy Breakthroughs seen in 2013

Solana solar farm

Solana solar farm’s salt battery lets it keep generating energy when the sun isn’t shining

As we wind down towards the end of the year, it’s worth taking a moment to review some of the remarkable technological and environmental breakthroughs we saw occur during 2013. Here are some of these great innovations.

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