Do your favorite products do animal testing?

Among the hundreds of emails and newsletters that come my way everyday, one quickly caught my attention. In it was an article that talked about companies that do animal testing, a topic I’ve been following for a while.

Let me be blunt. I despise that companies do horrendously painful and inhumane testing on defenseless, innocent animals. And I do my best to not use products that I know do such testing. Over the past several years, that’s meant giving up a few of what I consider the best skin care products out there, which has NOT made me a happy camper.

Interestingly, the number of companies that do animal testing had been going consistently. Then a year or two ago, this changed. Companies that wanted to have their products carried in China and other Asian countries were required to again do these barbaric lab tests.

Companies and brands like Mary Kay, Almay, Dove and many others have joined the list of what I consider sanctioned corporate animal abusers. And we Americans aren’t as versed as we ought to be on who these abusers are or what options we have to help avoid these products. Hence this post.

Take a good look at the graphic above. Do you see some of your go-to products or manufacturers on it? If so, you’ll want to begin checking out alternative products. There are plenty of choices out there and many that don’t do cruel tests on animals are actually pretty good quality. You just need to do some homework to find them.

If you see these logos on products, you can trust that they don’t test on animals.

The graphic above is your next line of defense. These are signs consumers can count on in their search for products that don’t do animal testing. And more of these are showing up these days We consumers are waking up to this unspeakable issue and demanding more compassionate business practices.

As well we should. Animals don’t have a voice. They count on us to speak for them. Voting with our dollars is the best way to tell manufacturers that torturing animals – be they mice, dogs, cats, pigs or goats – is wrong, intolerable and inexcusable.

So don’t let them get away with continuing to torture and abuse for the sake of sales. When we change our spending habits, they’ll get the point.

2 Responses

  1. I would say the billboard says it all, and Drank, what would they be testing on animals??.

  2. Why do we need those innocents to be killed brutely??? They don’t deserve these??? Is this humanity??? We have to suffer one day like them. I think we are ..can’t breathe like fishes…many more to go…please save our world..pls.

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