Who Actually Constructs a Landfill? You Might Be Surprised

Landfill picAccording to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans produce about 4.4 pounds of garbage daily. That’s around 1,600 pounds a year!

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BLM cancels wolf killing permit on public lands

WolvesA surprise victory for wolves in Idaho.

After a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, the Bureau of Land Management has cancelled a permit allowing an anti-wolf group to conduct a predator-killing contest on more than 3 million acres of public land.

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Oregon’s GMO labeling measure heads for a recount!

Oregon's GMO labeling ballot measure is still alive. Could it win?

Oregon’s GMO labeling ballot measure is still alive. Could it become law?

Even though most of the general media who quickly reported that Oregon’s Measure 92 failed, as the saying goes “it ain’t over ’til it’s over!” Continue reading

The most endangered river in America

Lake Powell's Reflection Canyon, with bathtub rings showing high water marks of the past, photo courtesy of National Geographic

Lake Powell’s Reflection Canyon, with bathtub rings showing high water marks of the past, photo courtesy of National Geographic

The Colorado River, which meanders 1,450 miles of mountains, canyons, plains and low deserts, is the source of water for seven states: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, and California. But, as this National Geographic video shows, it’s the most endangered river in the United States.

Those who unthinkingly count on this once majestic river for farming, drinking water, water for landscaping and for hydro-electric power can no longer take its bounty for granted. Our over-demands are sucking it dry at a horrifying rate. The time for talking about the problem is past. It’s time for swift, decisive action to help keep this river flowing. This important environmental treasure is a precious resource that we can’t afford to lose.

Where fiction speaks truth on climate change – is anybody listening?

Last night’s episode of HBO’s drama “The Newsroom” featured an interview with a supposed EPA representative who spoke about climate change. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say the EPA guy finally said what our government, politicians and federal agencies haven’t or haven’t been able to get said for the past several decades. It’s plain talk – brutally honest, devastating “news”
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Sobering view of lost wetlands from an egret’s point of view

Louisiana wetlands under siege by the Gulf, photo by Kelly Wagner, courtesy of National Wildlife Federation

Louisiana wetlands are under siege by the Gulf, photo by Kelly Wagner, courtesy of National Wildlife Federation

For those who don’t know, the state of Louisiana has lost and continues to lose large amounts of land to the sea every year. Since 1900, Louisiana has lost more than 1 million acres of wetlands and barrier shoreline.

It’s easy to ignore if you aren’t from there )and perhaps even if you are). Even with restoration efforts, progress towards reclaiming the state’s wetlands are slow.

From the perspective of native wildlife such as the egret, the effects of climate change and the rising sea are devastatingly difficult. Check out this article for more details.

The importance of ancient trees, passion and making a difference

What does inspiration look and sound like? If you haven’t experienced it lately, check out this short film – “Big Trees GVSU”, an entry into this year’s Ford Motor Co.’s “Go Further” video competition.

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One million trees planted by web search engine in one year

Ecosia graphic

Web browser Ecosia has helped plant one million trees this past year – and they’re not stopping!

We’ve been steadily losing forests around the globe, the ramifications of which are seriously impacting our weather. One company has taken on this issue and is “walking the talk” to help reforestation.

Ecosia, a search engine that uses a large percentage of the proceeds to help with reforestation, just announced it has planted one million trees in the rainforest over this past year, thanks to folks who installed their free browser extension. Through consumer use of their website, particularly for browsing and purchasing at retailers, Ecosia donated at least 80 percent of its total revenue towards the tree planting efforts.

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Oregon’s measure to label GMO’s is still alive!

News flash

Truman versus Dewey picture

Votes are still being counted. Oregon could still pass mandatory labeling

With all the media reporting – some gleefully – that Oregon’s mandatory labeling for GMO’s measure went down in flames, it seems that the news may be premature. It brings to mind the famous picture of President Truman holding up the newspaper with the headline proclaiming Dewey won the presidential race when in fact Truman ended up the winner.

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Wear It Forward: Eco Clothing Company Weaves Together Awareness and Charity

Mad Leaf Trucker hatsAs consumers embrace greener lifestyles, their demand for eco-friendly products – running the gamut from cars to home decor – is increasing. Retailers are scrambling to find green products that meet their customers needs.

Launched Dallas-based Mad Leaf Clothing has jumped into the fray, with bold, fun, fashionable eco-friendly designs with a unique thread.

To learn more about this eco-friendly, innovative USA based clothing company, click here to see the full story.