Geämi delivers a green alternative to bubble wrap

Now there's a green alternative to bubble wrap


Anyone who’s shipped a package knows that bubble wrap, which has been around since 1960, is the standard for protecting fragile objects from damage.  

But being a petroleum-based product, it and its cousin packing peanuts, have drawbacks, including being a hassle to deal with.  

A lot of customers want to get away from the plastic stuff , said Lynn Moe, Business Development Director for Geämi Sustainable Protective Packaging.  

Geämi (pronounced ge ah me) is an effective eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap.  


Geami's two-part packaging system protects fragile objects from shipping damage


A two-part system, the paper-based packaging includes perforated cardboard-like brown Kraft paper made from wood that’s certified from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, (SFI) meaning it comes from sustainably managed forests.  

The Kraft paper is die-cut in a patented process with thousands of horizontal slits. When stretched, the paper becomes a 3-dimensional, mesh-like honeycomb of angled cells. A layer of tissue then gets laid on top, providing additional cushioning.  

“The “design” of the perforated Kraft paper creates a structural protection,” says Valerie Reddemann, founder and President of Greenfeet, an online retailer of products geared for a green lifestyle.  

Greenfeet has been using Geämi’s protective packaging to ship their products for the past five years.  

“If you press two pieces of Geämi together,” says Moe, “it locks in place.” It reminds him a little bit of Velcro, he said.  

This offers several benefits. It eliminates the need for tape, a real cost savings, and it prevents shifting in the box.  

Reddemann says, “We have very little breakage.”  

The honeycomb design provides protection that helps keep packages in place when shipped


Objects usually migrates to the bottom during shipping. To prevent that, you need additional cushioning. With Geämi, you can create triangular “spacer pillows” instead.  

“Bubble wrap adds up,” Reddemann said. “It adds weight, it adds to shipping expenses. This is a great way to help keep your shipping costs down.”  

The Geämi system was originally designed for businesses. Those with medium to high volume shipping needs – those shipping thirty to seventy packages per day – would benefit from their larger, on-demand system. This consists of large-sized Kraft and tissue paper rolls, which come in come 300 to 750 square feet per roll, and an Auto Expander machine that holds and easily feeds through both rolls.  

The Auto Expander works on a standard grounded electrical outlet.  

For lighter volume shippers, Geämi has their “Ready to Use roll”.  It’s ready to use out of the box. The combined roll mounts onto a small counter dispenser that the company sells.  

Geämi also has a small starter kit that’s being used by individuals. It’s perfect for people who are moving, said Moe.  

The kit consists of three rolls of Geami paper (approximately 150 ft per roll) and a small dispenser. You can order this and refill rolls online.  

Geami's "Ready to Use" rolls are perfect for light shippers and individuals


It’s simple to use. Step on the foot pedal and pull the paper taut towards you. Wrap the package and press the ends together for a great seal.  

Among Geämi’s benefits, it:  

  • takes less time to wrap packages so it saves labor costs
  • helps eliminate damaged return items
  • lets you use smaller shipping boxes
  • requires less storage space

Greenfeet’s gotten their waste down significantly since using Geämi, Reddemann said.  

Another great feature is Geämi’s presentation. Its simple elegance is something peanuts and bubble wrap could never have.  

Geämi comes in both brown and white. A lot of people choose the white, said Moe, which is perfect for e-commerce sites and bridal gifts.  

The end result, says Reddemann, is “it looks pretty.”  

Moe says they’ve estimated over 4 million packages are shipped annually using Geämi to protect products.  

Most companies are trying to green what they do, says Moe.  

Geämi’s tissue paper is 100% post industrial recycled content. Their brown Kraft paper is available in either virgin fiber or a 60/40 blend (post industrial / virgin fibers). Geämi paper is biodegradable, recyclable, sustainable and reusable. It lowers your impact on the environment too.  

Geami is neat, it’s clean and it takes up very little space, and it’s easy to operate,” says Reddemann. It’ll even improve your image with customers, she said and “It’s a breeze to use.”  

To purchase Geami paper packaging, go to

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