Colored Solar on the road to improvement

Colored Solar offers an array of colors and styles to enhance any home

Colored Solar offers an array of colors and styles to enhance any home

I recently told you about a company in Southern California called Colored Solar, which provides high quality colorful solar panels. These high-efficiency durable panels offer comparable performance to standard solar panels but compliment the architecture and style of any building.

Now the company is seeking additional funding to expand and improve and they’re asking for help.  All it takes is a click and a vote for them to capture a grant from Google and Chase called the Main Street Grant.

So take a moment and click here to help them in their efforts to give we consumers some beautiful choices in color and energy efficiency we can be proud of.

Colored Solar combines beautiful color with energy efficiency

Colored Solar (green)As the cost of utilizing fossil fuels continues to unfold – i.e. oil spills devastating wildlife habitat, increased carbon released into the air, growing occurrences of asthma in metropolitan areas – cost-saving renewable energy sources look better and better.  As the price of the installation solar panels continues to fall, this is becoming an increasingly attractive option. Yet homeowners have to put up with unattractive solar panels with no regard to aesthetics. Until now.

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Solar panels showing to impede fire prevention

Solar panels on fire 1As useful as solar panels are in helping to save energy and helping to wean us off fossil fuels, there’s a darker side that is proving to be unexpectedly hazardous. Firefighters are having enormous difficulty fighting fires in or on buildings sporting energy-producing solar arrays.

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SolarReserve brings sun and salt together to light up Las Vegas

Much has been written about the anticipated large solar array in the Mojave Desert, and the unexpected problems posed by the native population of endangered desert tortoise, the official reptile of the state of California.

While that is still being sorted out, SolarReserve, a Santa Monica-based company, is working on a different type of solar project.

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Solar Roadways: Unique Business Model

Scott Brusaw and the Solar Roadway, photo by Mark Dixon of YERT

The Solar Roadway project has a number of exciting and innovative features to it. Other than being able to generate enough electricity to power the nation, inventor  Scott Brusaw‘s project is designed to do the most economic and environmental good possible in several other capacities.

For more of Part 2 on Solar Roadways and their potential to alter our landscape and how we think about driving, see

Solar Roadways: Energy and Transportation Solution in One

Solar highways could produce 3 times the amount of energy we need here in the U.S.

There are 28,000 square miles of roadways spread across the 48 continental states. With the cost of traditional paving materials going up and their availability going down, innovator Scott Brusaw sees solar highways as the solution to several energy and transportation problems.

To learn more about this fascinating project and how Brusaw is working to solve the complex issues involved, see Part 1 of this two-part article at

New Windows Generate Solar Power

EnergyGlass turns skyscrapers into electricity-generating solar farms

With the growing emphasis on alternative energy sources, rooftop solar arrays are springing up around the country. As useful and environmentally friendly as photovoltaic panels are, they don’t exactly blend in aesthetically. What’s more, they can sometimes be difficult to integrate with other rooftop equipment, and can sustain damage from exposure to the elements.

Florida-based SAF-GLAS, which creates disaster-resistant and security-related glass products, recently introduced EnergyGlass at a solar seminar at GlassBuild America.

For more on the amazing capabilities of this energy-efficient glass – including its ability to withstand natural disasters – see

Take anywhere solar chargers

The cost of solar panels has fallen 20 percent so far this year, according to a report from Navigant Consulting, making solar more affordable than ever for consumers.

More and more, our on-the-go lifestyles demand having solar power at our fingertips. FTL Solar has its finger on that button.

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Solar panels can go east-west too!

This post is taken from an article by Anne Michelsen, freelance writer and co-owner of Performance Energy, Inc.

Can solar panels would work as well on an east – west facing rooftop?

The answer is, Yes, you can have solar on an east or west facing roof. However, it’s not ideal. East or west facing solar panels absorb about 80% of the solar energy as south facing panels. You can expect your system to cost somewhat more in this situation.

For more details on what you can do to optimize using this kind of solar panel system placement, check out

Solar Day – celebrate the opportunities of renewable energy

Solar Day takes place on June 19th at events across the country

Solar Day 2010 events takes place June 19th across the country

After thirty years, the importance of Earth Day is recognized globally. But another environmentally-related celebration is fast on its heels.

June 19th is the second annual celebration of Solar Day, an event honoring solar as an alternative way of providing electricity and light to an estimated more than 1.6 billion people with no direct access to it.

Solar Day will focus on aspects of green living and climate change, with events throughout the U.S. to educate consumers about renewable energy programs, rebates and incentives that are available at city, state and federal levels.

Last year was a sort of virtual event, said Addison Huegel, Executive Director of Solar Day 2010, with one physical event that took place in San Francisco.

RenewablesThis year Huegel anticipates events in 25 to 30 cities. These include one in New Orleans put on by the Louisiana Green Corps, an open house at a solar home in Ft. Bragg, California and booths at farmers markets across the country. A number of fairs will run in conjunction with Solar day, including renewable energy fairs in cities like Sacramento, California, Huntsville, Alabama and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

“We’ve also talked with the United Nations Energy and Sustainability Council,” said Huegel, “to have more of a global outreach.”

This year Cairo, Egypt will also be celebrate Solar Day.

“We have a huge push for renewable energy these days,” said Huegel. “We’ll have an even larger push with this environmental disaster that’s going on,” he said, referring to the increasingly disastrous Deepwater Horizon-BP oil spill.

“It’s sort of a backdrop to highlight all the programs available and incentives for people,” he said.

Solar Day is larger than one day or any single event. It’s founded on a mission that energy independence is a fundamental right of citizen and business sustainability and a way to improve the lives of people without access to electricity.

solar 2Solar Day’s Light the Night and Solar Villages programs are meant to use low-cost solar energy as a tool for change in the developing nations who need electricity for basic functions including:

  • electricity to pump clean water and to process crops
  • enabling telephone and internet communication
  • enabling solar-generated lighting in villages all over the world to let residents learn or read at night
  • to allow residents of those countries to conduct commerce and improve their lives

“Globally, the idea is that (solar) is an energy source that’s portable,” Huegel said. “For countries that don’t have electrical transmission, this is a solution.”

Huegel hopes to have Solar Day be officially recognized as an annual event by the US and other governments.

Solar Day’s website shows where events will be held. People can also enter a National Solar Sweepstakes there to win a $5,000 credit off a residential or commercial solar installation for homeowners in the U.S. Existing government rebates make that worth close to $10,000 off the cost of an installation.

Visit the Solar Day website for more on Solar Day events and updates


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