A Critical Topic Discussed

Yesterday’s panel on Human Trafficking hosted by California First Lady Maria Shriver was riveting.  Prior to beginning, large video screens flashed pictures of a variety of trafficking victims. Scenes depicted a child’s hand grasping a tall chain link fence, a malnourished infant resting in a box filled with packaging peanuts, a young child’s haunting face, and a young person in leg irons. A heart rending beginning to an eye opening, often wrenching discussion.

Attendees included a group of young girls who had escaped that unimaginable horrific life. Shy and smiling, they declined to be interviewed, quietly saying that for many of them, legal issues prevented them from speaking publicly.

Ms. Shriver showed knowledge and compassion as the moderator, often drawing out panelists, who included 2 women who were themselves former victims.

There is a great deal to tell about this forum. Check back soon for more.

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