New York transforms Park Avenue into a swimming pool

NYC shuts down Park Avenue temporarily and creates swimming pools from dumpsters!


Summer in New York is hot – no argument there. Since 2008, the NY Department of Transportation has temporarily shut down a 6.9 mile section Park Avenue – from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park – and its connecting streets to vehicles on the first three Saturdays of August. The point it to encourage eco-friendly, sustainable methods of transportation – walking, biking, maybe even skateboarding. 

During those times, the city places a dumpster pool on the Avenue for residents to cool off from the sweltering heat. These “pools” are real dumpsters that have been cleaned out and fitted with protective linings and water filtration systems. The pools have metal decks around them with rubber surfaces, portable changing cabanas, showers and toilets. All the comforts of a country club without the clubhouse or snack bar. 

These innovative pools were designed by Brooklyn-based Macro Sea, who develops a number of other “interim use projects” like this one that are meant to “transform and energize the urban landscape.” 

Having lived for years in THE CITY, I know what a difference this kind of option can be. Only wish it had been there while I lived there! 

Other large metropolitan areas like Chicago or Washington might think about implementing this kind of project. They certainly have the weather for it – and the population to appreciate it. Just saying.


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  1. sounds gross

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